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    ResourceManager support for single-plural, feminine-masculine cases




      I am developping a large scale website with support for multiple languages.


      I am using the ResourceManager to manage the switch of languages by the user. It works OK, but I have some cases where I cannot find

      a proper solution.


      I wan to display different strings for plural and single cases. For example:


      You have 1 image


      You have 3 images


      And I want to do it automatically, not through asking in the code:


      if (numImages > 1) { display (ResourceManager.getString(locale,images_string_from_properties_file)} else {

                               display (ResourceManager.getString(locale,image_string_from_properties_file)} .


      There is a solution for that using a gnu utility xgetText, where you generate for each msg-string a single and plural versions, but it does not work

      well with AS3 (or any other AS), since it is based on C. (it is explained in


      , but does not cover the problematic issues, and so has no advantage over ResourceManager).


      The same issue goes for languages where the feminine and masculine differ - like arabic and hebrew (and probably others).


      Has any one dealt with these issues before ?.