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    Updates to RH 2000 HTML


      I have a licenced version of RoboHELP 2000 HTML (originally purchased when RH was under Bluesky) which I've been using for years to develop .CHM project files and manuals shipped with our .exe based software.


      Our company is shortly to develop a new web-based application and so it makes sense to use some kind of eHelp, to access html Help pages and stylesheets on our own (or on the client's own) server.


      Could somebody advise me as to what kind of updates to RH HTML 2000 I'll need in order to produce suitable, context-sensitive help pages that would be accessible via links within our forthcoming product?


      Tips in designing the Help project would also be welcome!

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          Hi TFC1 and welcome to the RH community.


          That is a very old copy of RH you have there and the product has come on in leaps and bounds since then and you may be pleasently surprised as to what it can do now compared to the version you have. You can download a fully working trial of RH8 (the latest version) here if you want to take a peek. That said, it is possible for you to produce a web based output from that version.


          On a more general note, there are different output formats that you can consider when outputting to a web/server interface. The most popular is WebHelp which produces a collection of files that are published to your web/server location. The design of the help is pretty much the same as for locally based help files (e.g. a CHM file). The only major change is that webhelp uses a skin that can be customised to give the help file a particularl look and feel. The good news is however that a default (and IMHO very acceptable) skin is supplied out of the box.


          Do feel free to post back with any other questions that may arise.


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