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    Setting Browser (Internet Explorer) setup as per my application to run on a new system

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        I am using flex code to my project thats runs on Internet explorer after installing "Flash player plugin" and my application has POP Ups and it gets blocked by my browsers....We have to change our Internet setting as to allow all popups manually,




      When i am running my application in a newly installed system with new browser,i should not change my browser setting as per i need to my application, it should automatically change its setting according to run my application i.e., installing flash player plugin and enabling popup blocker and so on.,





      Is there any way to do this following in my code part as to change my browser setting according to my application.


      Note : I have developed my application in J2EE with JSP and Flex Code.


      i need to handle this issue on any part of this application,So please help me if any ideas to solve this




      Thanks in Advance




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