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    Flex Performance over Web based Solutions




      I have see how mucher quicker Flex has been over Coldfusion when processing XML/Web Services.


      I'm considering using Flex for a much bigger application, my thoughts are..


      A server side database

      A server side air application

      A client side air application


      The client side air application, will remotely administer the server side database.


      The server side air application will process 10's or maybe 100's of XML/CSV files into the database. I was thinking these processes can be managed as 'scheduled tasks' stored in the database and configured by the client side air application.


      Could Flex/AIR potentially be a better solution than using coldfusion with a server based admin and scheduled tasks?


      Thanks, Dan



      I know there might be better solutions with other technologies, but I do want to learn Flex so it would be an ideal opportunity.

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          It would most likely be faster and more automated to use the directory watcher and stored procedures within ColdFusion then to use AIR but if you had wanted to use AIR to be able to choose the XML/CSV files to add to the directory CF is watching I could see that working well.



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            Stormpool Level 1

            The project is to process product feeds provided by different retailers and collate them for price comparison purposes. There is no universal indentifier so the application will have to be very flexible.


            The CSV/XML files will be hosted on remote servers, and I will want to retrieve these on a regular basis. If I used Coldfusion and Stored Procedures then I wouldn't be using Flex.


            I could possible consider using Coldfusion and Stored Procedures for server side processing, and flex for a client administrative application.


            It just seemed to me I'd have an easier time of handling XML with Flex.