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    ACE Test

    Graziano Vitale


      I'd like to try to get the ACE in Illustrator.

      Some advice?

      The big question for me (and for bilion of people too) is the test is only in a few language! Usually English or other few.


      The problem is that you know the software (and how to use in a really professional way) in YOUR language, but if the questions during the test is in a different language.. big caos! Very easy to make simple mistakes.


      I don't know if it is bettere to study in my language (italian) or directly re-study all in english! (but I can not change the language of my Adobe licence)...

      Wy Apple is so lazy not to translate the Ace exams with more language?


      By to all (I am new in this forum and it seems really interesting)

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          Jesseham Level 4

          Not Apple, Adobe, but yeah - it does seem like they should offer the test in the same variety of languages that they sell the software in.


          That said, I think you'll have a hard time getting anyone here to tell you that there's any point in getting ACE certified.  It's a pretty arbitrary exam from what I hear...