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    Dreamweaver Server Help

      Hi there,

      I have been running a site successfully having transferred to a new Hosting company. I uploaded my site to the server no problem, via Dreamweaver, and the site was running great. However I have stupidly deleted the mm_ folder on my server and now the site won't display properly when trying to view it at the sites url address - The text is there but the site seems to have lost all the display properties.

      I have tried everything to resolve the problem - I have deleted all the files from the hosting server in a slim hope that Dreamweaver would create another folder when I re-uploaded them but it didn't. I've tried uninstalling Dreamweaver and re-keying the site FTP details as well but again the folder has not been recreated on the server.

      My site works perfectly from the local folder on my computer - when I press F12 to preview the site it works great - The site doesn't however work when you go to the url.

      Does anyone know how I can get my site to work properly again? I have checked my recycle bin to see if I can undelete the file but it isn't available - I deleted the file through remote view in Dreamweaver. I'm totally stuck as to what to try next - the annoying thing is that the site works - my server just needs the files to display it properly.

      Any information would be REALLY appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.