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    AIR Plug-in Architecture??


      Hi everyone,


      Doing my MSc final project and thought it would be great to do project in AIR. Mentor suggested to do app with plug-in capability! "Great idea mentor i'll get sraight on it!!" but now..... not so good :'(

      I would have a pretty strong background in programming for a student and would hate to srink to the challange but I can't find any documentatin on building a plug-in architecture for AIR? I have developed many apps during my studies but never one with any sort of plugin architecture.

      Without any more background into my problem my question is..... does anyone know of any good documentation for me to follow or that i could look through and would set me on the right track in order to create this? Or could you explain briefly how you would go about creating this type of application?

      Thank you so much for any help that anyone can give to me in advance, hope you all having a good day,