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    Broken Style (again)

    Jason Villmer Level 1

      Upon upgrading the SDK to in Flex Builder 3.3 I had experienced a number of changes regarding the .CSS style I had applied to my application. In a previous thread I had resolved this general issue by correcting necessary namespace declarations. However, despite getting the style re-activated, I see a number of aesthetic changes that I cannot resolve. They may seem minor but on an aesthetic level they make all the difference. For example, Despite all attempts to correct it, my ProgressBar insists on positioning itself with left and right padding of 1 pixel. (or something..)


      This same aesthetic issues arise using both Flex 3.3 with the SDK and Flash Builder 4. In my previous version of the SDK (version all was fine. The 'minor' issue arose with the SDK (and Flash Builder 4 beta).


      I've attached a photo of both the before (under and after ( SDK and Flash Builder 4).


      Thanks in advance.

      Jason Villmer