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    Saving email Orders to database

      I am trying to figure out how to save a complicated email to a database. It is actually an invoice. This has session variables and pulled database variables in the email. Basically, in theory I can go in and do a

      <cfset emailBody="<table> <tr> <td>" & #coldfusionVariable# &" </td></tr></table>">

      But this is very simplistic demo - My invoice is very complicated. What I am hoping is there is a way to dump the email body into a database and then bring it back later by just dumping it into html.

      I have had several cusotomers complain about not getting emails ( orders ) for one reason or another. I process them now by saving each order and order details and session variables, but it gets really complicated when I try to do any updating. I don't undertand that if you can change out the <cfmail> tags and input <cfoutput> tags and see your email - why can't you dump that html to a database?

      There's gotta be a way.