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    Data Binding Issue


      Hi all,


      I have a +data grid where i render multiple rows, each row being a *custom mxml component. The mxml component has a bindable obj reference bound to 2 text fields. Externally, from an action script class I instantiate the *custom component, assign an initial value to the bindable reference inside the component and push it into the data provider for the +data grid.


      I see an extra row being added to the data grid, but the value I assigned to the bindable obj reference in the *custom component doesnot seem to hold the assigned value once i push it into the data provider for the +datagrid.


      is it a design anomaly on my part? is there a work around to it.


      My requirement is to fetch data from the server side, with the data obtained i dynamically populate the rows of a data grid, each row being a custom mxml component.