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    Document Level Header Scripts

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      Hello -

      I am looking for any assistance you may have.  I am working on a project in Acrobat Professional 7.0 that requires me to add the computer username to the header of a pdf file.  I have determined, and implemented this in Excel files using an onopen event.  I need to do the same thing but in a pdf file.  I have absolutely no javascripting experience so the more basic your explanation the better.


      After reading up on the internet, I believe that I need a document level script?  I found an example that is:


      ctext: "Confidential Document",

      ntextalign: 2,

      nhorizalign: 2,

      nvertalign: 0,

      nhorizvalue: -72,

      nvertvalue: -72,


      I entered that under Advanced, Javascript, Document Javascript but I receive an error that says typeerror: this.addwatermarkfromtext is not a function.  Again, I would need to change it to pull the username (I am assuming I can do this with a variable?).  I appreciate any and all help.

      Thanks in advance for your time.