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    .swf keep loading when refresh


      hi all,

      just abit stuck on this

      the .swf file keep loading everytime i click to any other links to call a page



      btn_co_location.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, btnCoLocation);
      function btnCoLocation(e:MouseEvent):void{
         navigateToURL(new URLRequest("co_location.php"), "_self");

      btn_internet_access.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, btnInternetAccess);
      function btnInternetAccess(e:MouseEvent):void{
         navigateToURL(new URLRequest("internet_access.php"), "_self");

      i created a pre loader animation for intro.

      when i click on button btn_co_location to request co_location.php, the swf movie start loading again for intro just like when it started??

      please help on this one


      your help is appriciated!!