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    Multiple Applications in a single Project


      I currently have a Flex project that has multiple Applications created within it.


      The first application opens the second application via code as follows:










      var str:String="event_home.html";


      var link:URLRequest = new URLRequest(str);


      var v_selectedEventIDCode:String;



      this globalEventId = dg_event_listing.selectedItem.ID;


      navigateToURL( link, "_blank" );


      My 1st question is, can the 2nd application that I open grab values of variables declared

      within the application that opened it?


      2nd question is, if I have a project with only 1 application defined within it, how can I

      open a 2nd Internet Explorer window with some other Flex page in my project without creating a 2nd

      application in this project?  for example I may have a single Application in this project, and then another

      file in this project that is a Canvas component, the app starts up with the Application page, how do I open

      a 2nd Internet Explorer page with that Canvas component within it?


      Thanks in advance,