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    Reader 9 crashes shortly after starting


      I have a PC with XP SP3 on a Server 2003 domain.  Reader 9 is installed.  After removing a Trojan, Reader will now crash within a minute or two of opening with no document, or, if double clicking a .PDF, before it can finish drawing the document.  Sometimes a portion of the doc will draw, like a white background or a few lines, but then will crash every time.  I get an error related to msvcr80.dll.

      I have removed and reinstalled Reader.  I read posts about .NET related to this and removed all the .NET installs and reinstalled the latest .NET.  No change, same crash related to msvcr80.dll.


      Any thoughts?

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          michael.varnell Level 2

          Hello Geof,


          Thank you for providing your operating system version. That's a big help when diagnosing issues! Let's start by checking the Windows event logs to see if the application is logging any errors when it crashes:


          1. Right-click My Computer icon on your desktop or Start menu

          2. Click Manage

          3. Expand (click the + sign) the Event Viewer option on the left

          4. Click Application

          5. Look for any errors associated to Reader - they should be flagged with a red circle with a white X through it labeled Error


          Post any information gleaned from the event logs here so further analysis.




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            geofgibson Level 1

            Sure enough, application error.  "Faulting application acrord32.exe, version, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.3053, fault address 0x00008aa0."


            There also are a lot of events for .NET Runtime Optimization Service.


            Hope this leads to a solution.

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              michael.varnell Level 2

              Thank you for posting the event log info, Geof. Researching this particular error, I have many references that the Adobe CS3 cleaner may help. While the application is designed for the CS3 product, it seems useful in removing errant registry entries associated with many Adobe products. Try the following, please:


              1. Uninstall ALL Adobe products, including Flash and Shockwave

              2. Run CheckDisk on your boot drive (right-click the drive - usually C: - click Properties, click the Tools tab, click Check Now, place a checkmark in Automatically fix file system errors when the window pops up)

              3. Reboot so CheckDisk will run against the boot drive

              4. Download/execute Clean Script: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs3clean.html

              5. Reboot

              6. Manually delete any Adobe folders (such as Program Files) - a quick (ha ha) search of the drive for "adobe" should help in this.

              7. Reinstall Reader 9


              If all is well, reinstall Flash and anything else Adobe you previously uninstalled.


              If this doesn't work, I'd try Microsoft's free online safety scanner. I suggest this because it incorporates a registry cleaner tool that is sorely missing in current versions of Windows: http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm


              If none of the above help, please list ALL software products and versions installed on your system.


              ~crosses fingers for you~



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                geofgibson Level 1

                Thanks.  I'll try this shortly.  Meanwhile, another Trojan has popped up on this machine.  I'm almost positive this could also be causing problems.  Once I finish with the can of Lysol , I'll see if this is needed and works and post the results.

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                  michael.varnell Level 2

                  You may want to check MajorGeeks.com or BleepingComputer.com for assistance removing any trojans on your system. Most malware are notorious for making changes to the Windows registry that inherently cause other applications to fail or become unstable. You may be able to get by with restoring your registry to a previously known good version using System Restore (Help & Support in the Start menu).


                  Good luck!