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    Please Help! I need to have fixed .jpg sizes within scaled .swfs - AS1 - Elearning Flash




      I'm new to this forum by 2 min. and I  have been using Flash for a while, but I'm now working at a place that has brought up issues while using images in our E-learning Flash Projects.


      The Problem:

      1.We have our Flash course open in a new browser window with NO tool bars to optimize size.


      2.The Flash content is scaled to fit the screen - Amlost 97% or more of all graphics are Vector.


      3. We are running into a project that needs to use screenshot .jpgs and we can not get large images from the client.


      4. The .jpgs are being Scaled with the interface and all the FLASH, this is making the client unhappy, and the Jpgs look HORRIBLE, Jaggy.




      Solution: - PLEASE HELP!

      1.  I have searched for days to fix this since we have to keep the whole Flash interface scaling to maximize the Screen area (I don't agree with this but it is the requirements)


      2.  Does anyone KNOW how to make images/jpgs stay a fixed size even while the Flash .swf that the images are in is being scaled?


      3. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome! - I have been searching about HTML and or CSS in Flash and I'm getting lost, not sure if it's possible.  Also I have been exploring dynamically loaded .jpgs in Flash.  Does an FLV scale when using media components?



      Thanks So MUCH!