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    Error exporting h.264 mp4 with certain file size.


      I have tried many times exporting my sequence with h.264 at file size around 5GB. It's a 21 minutes video and when I play them in any players (MPC, QuickTIme) they all stop playing at 16:30 - about 4.3 GB point in the file.


      Playback in Premiere Pro is fine. The rendering went smoothly.

      I exported with 36mbps, and Max 40mbps, Profile 5.1. 1920x1080. (Using Vista)


      Later for experiment, I export it in 34mbps, and the point where the file fails to play is pushed back about 5 seconds - still around the 4.3 GB point. So I guess I can't export h.264 with file size larger than around 4.3 GB?


      Any suggestions? Would appreciate any help.