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    Drag from an advanced datagrid to a datagrid

    cputnam14 Level 1

      Morning all,


      What I am running into is this... I have an advanced datagrid that is populated by an XML document. It breaks down like this. In column 1... The top level is Store Location...Inside of store location I have Clothing types (shirts, pants, etc)...Inside of clothing types I have sizes (XXL, XL, L, etc). In column 2 I have the corresponding quanties...so for example store location "A" I have a total of 100 quantity. Under "A", I have Shirts with a total of 50 and Pants with a total of 50. Under Pants I have XL with a total of 25 and L with a total of 25, and so forth.


      This all works correctly. My problem is trying to set up a drag drop relationship with another datagrid. I am trying to create an inventory report where the user can drag items from the advanced datagrid to a regular datagrid. However I am not sure how I need to set up my destination datagrid. I've tried a 4 column datagrid, and a 2 column datagrid, but I can never get the results to drop successfully. I don't get an error or anything...I just get the red X when I try to drop on my destination. (dropenabled is set to true)


      What I think is causing the problem is the heirarchy structure on the advanced datagrid, but I am not certain.


      Another strange thing that makes no sense to me...I have dragStart="testing();" set up in the advanced datagrid. The fuction testing simply has trace("dragging"); in it, but when I debug my app and start dragging from my ADG this function never fires. What am I doing wrong???


      Does anyone have an example or know of a website where I can find an example of dragging and dropping between an Advanced datagrid and a normal datagrid?


      Thanks for the help