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    Printing PM files to Savin 2560

    ddalet Level 1

      I have about 60 - 26 page files that I update each year, way too much stuff to change to InDesign, so thanks for not telling me PM is dead.  :-)  Not in my office.


      The only challenge I have is sometimes I get an error message while printing to the laser.  The printer will then kick out a partial print.  It is like the processing was stopped and the printer printed only the info it had.  To fix the problem I have to reinstall PM, actually I have two copies on my computer and I just delete the corrupted one and duplicate the clean copy and use it.  It is just a nuisance to have to stop, delete, duplicate and restart PM.  It does seem to work better when I do Save As more often.  (I used to do this all the time with older versions of PM).


      Thanks for any help.