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    Where is the cursor after calling setFocus on AS created TextInput?

    diazruy Level 1

      I am having trouble getting a TextInput field to replace the current selection when the user starts typing without having to first click the field. I have seen that many people face this problem when initially loading the movie, but this is not my case. In my case, Flash already has focus, I have created a TextInput field via AS and made it invisible. At a given point a user double clicks a label and I display ( textInput.visible = true) the the field and setFocus to it. The text is correctly highlighted and the focus border shows but typing produces no effect until I click inside text field and get a cursor there. Is there something else I need to do aside from setFocus? I have also tried setting the selection manually to zero width, and this causes the field to have the focus border but no cursor whatsoever, until the field is actually clicked.