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    CFPRINT is very slow!!


      I'm finding it common for cfprint to take a real minute or two to print a 10 page document!! While it only takes a few seconds for the cfdocument to create 10 of these files, the next 20 minutes keeps your browser tied up while it cfprints them. Needless to say I calculate a timeout based on number of pages and number of documents so the page doesn't time out. Does anybody have clues??


      This is CF8 8,0,1,195765   on a Win2k server box.


      While it's working on pages, the jrun process pegs at whatever it can grab of cpu cycles.


      I haven't installed the new (ok last fall) jpedal.jar file yet, but am going to try that next.


      -ken c

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          ilssac Level 5

          Well printing can be a slow process for some printers and documents!


          If you can't speed up the process, which may not be possible.  You may want to look at some of the features ColdFuison has to make the process asynchronous.  <cfthread>, gateways, web services, excetra.


          This would allow our application to fire and forget the printing job, and not tie up the browser waiting for the process to finish.  Doesn't do much about server load and threads, but may be good for user experience.

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            thundrfoot Level 1

            What I find odd is if I open that same PDF (I have it leave them in the tmp for debugging) with acrobat it opens and will print in reasonable (about 10 seconds) just fine. But when the cfprint is doing it, I can watch it spooling in the microsoft print queue window one page at a time. Once it finishes spooling, within a second or two it's off to the printer and is gone from the print queue. An example size is 14 pages and a size of 10.1 Meg.


            Spawning with threads could just hose up the server if this is the speed it is capable of doing.


            -ken c

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              thundrfoot Level 1

              I would also like to add that this problem is also in ColdFusion 9. I had hoped it might have been fixed by other updates, but it seems not. There had been some discussion about certain jar files that had big impact on the printing, but the search doesn't find anything about those.


              -ken c

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                Jeff Coughlin

                Have you tried updating the printer drivers?


                I had a similar problem a couple years ago shortly after CF8.0 came out (on a Win2003 server).  Updating the printer drivers resolved the issue in my case.


                If newer printer drivers aren't available, maybe try different drivers altogether (to at least help eliminate the drivers as a possible culprit or not)




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                  I can't say I have an answer but rather an observation.  <cfprint> (or more specifically probably jpedal.jar) creates numerous .TIF files in

                  C:\Documents and Settings\{account-used-by-CF-service}\Local Settings\Temp.  I've seen dozens of such files for a single PDF, but of couse that depends on the nature of your PDF (mine average 40pp but contain minimal graphics -- just a few small logos and signature-scans).


                  Perhaps the .TIF generation is inherently slow.  A 40pp document I print typically requires about 1.5 minutes to print, for your reference.

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                    thundrfoot Level 1



                    Your time about fits what we have been seeing. And that is quite a bit slower than the printer. So you wait, then a document spits out, then you wait.


                    Now our documents don't have a lot of graphics, a couple on the cover pages but after that, it's all text and formatting. Some of the rules and boarders might be triggering the treatment as graphics however.


                    But all I've found so far is the CF9 is faster than CF8. Still not a speed daemon at all with these but the printer slowly gets behind the CF spooling to the printer. So if I have 30 sets, the printer might have 5 more to go by the time the spooling from CF has finished.


                    -ken cameron, CCP.

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