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    Flash Builder Beta exits before fully started


      I can't start Flash Builder Beta unless I turn off my Internet connection. It worked fine until I installed the Serial Number.


      Now I just get all kinds of errors. No fun for this day.


      What do I send to whom so this problem can be solved?



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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

          Hi Gary,


          When you have a few minutes to experiment, would you reboot and try again, to see if you can launch without disconnecting from the net? If not, I think you only need to disconnect during launch, and can reconnect as soon as it's finished starting up.


          The beta program has uncovered a lot of cases in this category, that we've fixed in subsequent builds. Usually this results from a network timeout or certain firewall/security configurations. Thanks for your patience with it.



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            GaryFunk Level 1



            I have uninstalled, rebooted, installed, rebooted, repeated, cleaned the file system, cleaned the registry, spent a better part of the day getting paid with tax-payer dollars, and it still won't fully startup.


            I did set the clock back one year and got it to fully start.


            If it will help, I can send you the logs. However, is there any way to remove the key (I can send you that too) that I was sent by Adobe? I'd really like to get this to work. It was all good until I added the key. Gee, isn't that kind of reverse license; add it and it quits? LOL


            I'm willing to try anything you suggest.



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              C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

              Yikes - no wonder it's not a good day.


              Have you tried running the Adobe License Repair Tool to see if that will get you back in the saddle? You can download it from here:




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                Same issue here except it happened 1 day after I originally installed it,  I uninstalled reinstalled and it worked for that day, next day same issue crashes before fully loaded".   I am not using a serial number yet.

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                  GaryFunk Level 1

                  I am happy to say, I am finally running again. I ended up deleting the License file (by using 0 in LicenseRecovery). I uninstalled Flash Builder Beta several times, had to delete several settings files and got an install to fully run.


                  None of my other Adobe software is licensed now, except Flex Builder 3. but I did find my keys to CS3 Master Suite. Now I need to find my key to Acrobat 3D 8.1 and hope I can get CS3 up and running fully. It's been an ordeal, but at least Adobe gave me the tool to get it going.


                  Thanks for your help Chris. Now to build a test case to show the date bug I found. Has anyone reported a bug with a date of 2009-10-01 (or before) being sent back to CF as 2009-09-31 23:00:00?


                  Best regards,


                  Gary Funk

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                    I also can't start Flash Builder Beta  this morning.

                    I tried many times ant it kept crashing.
                    Should I uninstall it and redownload an other copy or do something else ???
                    If I download another copy what would happen then to my original registration???
                    Would a new one be required???
                    What would happen in 30 days for your renewal serial records?????
                    I hope you will bring a little bit of light in that situation.

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                      C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                      Hi Andre,


                      Have you tried running the License Repair Tool mentioned above:



                      Let me know whether this helps,



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                        Just chiming in to say that the tool doesn't work.


                        Guess I'll head back to Genymede with FB3 plugin until this gets sorted out. *Aptana CSS editor makes me want to punch babies right in the face*

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                          andre49 Level 1

                          Hi everybody,

                          Good news this morning,


                          I don't know what happened  but FB4  is starting smoothly and roaring like a

                          baby today.


                          Yesterday, I tried the proposed download but it didn't work.

                          It asked me to download at my own risk.

                          In case something went wrong, I didn't take any chance.

                          I bought  ShadowProtect™ Desktop Edition Version  from StorageCraft

                          Technology Corporation™ and made a complete backup of all my computer

                          internal disk partitions on my external drive. Then, a little bit later on,

                          immediately after backup, my Vista 64 bit operating sytem crashed but

                          luckily I have been able to restore it  on NORMAL Vista Start-Up mode. I was

                          really scared when that happened.


                          Today, at FB4 start up, it showed 26 days before the end of the trial



                          After that period, If  FB4 team is interested to keep me working on bugs,

                          CFOs better stop dreaming, be more patient, wake up to reality and change

                          their public image. If they insist to push in getting MONEY for a useless

                          FB3 outdated software to enable me to work for them on a buggy beta FB4

                          version and on top of that ask honest and benevolent developers to sweat

                          their blood on their own time and on top of that empty our pocket to fill

                          theirs, boost their year end bonus and their greedy desires on our back .

                          They are plainly wrong. They'd better show more respect. I just hope they

                          will realize it and make a complete about face to correct the bad greedy

                          image they have created by their past behaviour. Neverthelesss, bad CFO

                          public  image is deeply imprinted in my mind and will remain that way for a



                          However, as far as I am concerned, a temporary free FB3 key until commercial

                          release is a positive step in the right direction and would be an acceptable

                          alternative for me.


                          Have a nice day,


                          Sincerely yours,


                          Andre Goulet,

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                            Endoplasmic Level 2

                            Odd, I'm chiming in again to say that today it does work! I didn't change anything from yesterday's attempt with the tool and I'm not sure what magic went down at the Adobe hamster farm, but they are running at full capacity again


                            Hooray, no more crappy CSS editor by Aptana!!