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    flash file blocks underlying html links

    jfraze Level 1

      We have a Flash swf object embedded in an html page. When the user sees the page it's just a small button, but on the rollover state the area of the object expands and covers more of the page. This is how it was designed. The problem seems to be that the maximum size of the swf object, even though it's transparent and "invisible" unless the user rolls over the button, blocks out all the underlying html so you can't access any of the links. It's as if the object is covering that part of the page even when it's not expanded. I've tried every publish setting I can imagine to compensate and make the item truly transparent so the "hidden" underlying links will still be clickable, but just can't get it.


      Is this something that can be fixed in my Flash swf file, or is going to need to be done in the html page that it's embedded in?

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          MaxManNH Level 2

          I am only guessing, but it sounds like you have the flash movie in a div which is at a higher z-index then the rest of the page? If that is correct and you are simply telling the div css to display:none I don't think that will work for you. I think you need to make the div size variable and set your movie's stage to scale up with the size of it's container in this case the div. Then you make sure the content doens't scale and change the size of the div to make it expand. There are some nice examples of how to do this if you search on fluid layouts for flash.