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    Split a 11X17 page doument  into a new 11X8.5 page document


      Hi Experts,


      I'm given a task to write a JavaScript(JS) to perform a PageMaker script overdue with the PageMaker. The Task sounds simple - to do what the other person did 5 years ago but with InDesign. And I don't know about InDesign very much nor JS. But I've start reading up JS.


      The PageMaker Script is in VBS, the logic shows it has to count the number of pages in the source document and run through a loop, corp the left side then paste it to the new document; then do the left side.


      But where are the reference for InDesign Scripting to chart with PageMaker Scripts.


      like: dragselect;


             Window newdoc;

             page x;

             move lefttop.


      Can anyone can point me to some documentation that I can read about. Or are there any example scripts on the Web that I can learn from?


      Thanks in advance,