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    CS4 Losing Audio Synch after "gotoAndPlay"

    mrwizzer2 Level 1

      I'm struggling with a new odd issue when using CS4, (which has some wonderful new features, but seems a little buggy to me).


      I'm using narrator clips (imported mp3 files) that I place every so often, set to Stream (as opposed to Event).  This works fine, as usual.


      That is, UNTIL I use a "Next" or "Back" button I've implemented to go to the next section of the program.  I'm using a simple


      where "Slide" is the first part of the frame label, and myCurrentSlide is a number that increments as the movie progresses.


      When the user clicks the Next button, the flash movie successfully moves ahead to the proper frame on the timeline, but the audio is out of synch, (comes in half way through a sentence, even though the frame label is placed in between mp3 files on the timeline.


      Anyone else notice this weird problem with audio set to stream?  They should be locked to each frame, so that wherever you jump to, you should get that frame's audio.  Not the case here.


      Any suggestions?