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    Help! Total newbie question...


      I want to make a flash form where the viewer/user can watch a video clip of their choice (from a drop-down control or something else if there's a better way).


      I've found myself totally unable to find our how to do this.  I mean, frankly, I don't even know what kind of file to start from the "New..." form at the beginning of Flash (CS 3.0, btw)!


      I know how to create a Flash Player and link it to a single video.  What I envision is that after the page comes up, with a single player component (initially empty), the user chooses a video from the drop-down list and that video starts playing in the player.


      I guess I have these questions-

      1. What kind of file should I be starting with?  {I kinda assume I'll be making an SWF to put on a web page.}
      2. Where on earth do I learn how to get the simplest things (e.g., button clicks, etc.) to work?
      3. Could any of y'all please offer suggestions where I could find a sample of something similar?  -OR-
      4. Could any of y'all give me an example of how to do (code?) this?!?!


      I apologize for such dumb questions, but while I'm quite experienced with Premiere, Encore, Photoshop, etc., I am definitely NOT used to Flash!


      Thanks in advance!


      Jim 8^)

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          start with the flash help files and use as2 unless you need or want to use as3.


          check learning as2 in adobe flash.

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            jfraze Level 1

            This is going to be a pretty big learning curve for someone with no Flash experience. But, sometimes the best way to learn is to just dive in and start the project.


            I'd recommend using the help and tutorials for a while. You'll need to learn how to create buttons, use ActionScript, and more. My best guess is that you'll need to house each video file on your server with a unique location (URL) then create a pull-down button (or some method of selecting the files) that calls each specific video when the user selects it. I'm assuming you'll need to use a browser fscommand to loadMovie, but someone else may set me straight on that. My experience is limited in this specific task, but I think it might give you someplace to start looking.