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    Exporting to a Windows Media File- best quality????


      I imported a 15 -slide powerpoint (converted to jpeg) and added music, and Premiere transitions

      The Premiere movie is about 3 minutes long.


      I then needed to save (and burn to disks) as a Windows Media File.  A program that all of my 35 business offices would have easy access to and could play the Business movie that I have created.


      When I playback, the first "slide" looks great, the music sounds great... but when it makes it first trnasition to slide 2, the face on the picutre is fuzzy for about 2-3 seconds then becomes real clear..... going to slide 3, same thing.... slide 4.... same thing.


      so I went to the Advanced settings.  I have no clue what setting to change to make this fuzzy to clear part not happen.

      CAN ANYONE give me a suggestion???????


      I have Premiere Elements 4.


      My settings show:

      Preset- Cable Modem DSL

      Codec WM video 9

      Encoding Passes "two"

      Bitrate:0 Variable Unconstrained


      Frame Rate : 60

      Pixel Aspect Square 1.0

      Decode Complexity  auto

      Keyframe Internal   5 seconds

      Buffer default

      Avg Bitrate  255