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    inserting Camtasia video files into compiled HTML help in RoboHelp V7


      I have looked in help and throughout the forums and do not see an answer to this one. I'm sure people have done it but I can't find it.


      I have a video produced with Camtasia. I am attempting to put it into a compiled HMTL help system. I have the source so can produce it in a different format if needed Camtasia. I have tried flv  mp4, and wmv. When I insert them into the help file and compile the only one I can get to play is the wmv file. It uses Windows Media Player and is a little clunky in that it requires a click on the play button and shows library items listed.


      So, is there a way that I can have it play an flv or swf file produced by Camtasia in my compiled HTML help? I need to produce both compiled and WebHelp so I need a format that will play in both.


      Thanks in advance for the help