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    connection to the Debugger or Profiler could not be established


      I think I have a Flex/Flash Builder beta config issue? Would be very grateful for any advice.


      This might be a good clue to source of my problem:  If I run Flash CS4 Professional and "Begin Remote Debug Session" the flash player will connect to the CS4 debugger - and this is running the same project file in either IE8 or Firefox 3. But it will not connect with the Flex debugger.


      I'm in Windows XP and just trying to learn Flex with the "learn in a week" exercises but spent about a fuggin day trying to fix the debugger issue. I've done everything that the forums advise: checked localhost is, checked the mm.cfg, reinstalled everything browsers, flash debug versions.. but still can't get the damn debugger in Flex or now Flash Builder beta to work.


      Somebody please help!