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    HDMI out...of what?


      Ok I would like to go out of my MAC using CS4 via HDMI on my Black Magic Card...but apparently (as tech support tells me) Their card does not support CS4 (Preimere Pro).  So does anyone out there have a suggestion on what hardward to buy to output from Preimere CS4 via HDMI to my Sony TV HDMI in?  Matrox, AJA, Blackmagic appear not to support CS4 Premiere.  They do support AE and PS but not Preiemere Pro CS4.  Very frustrating, I don't want to go back to FCP...I like and use PP CS4.  Is it that hard for their tech support to create the drivers for PP CS4?  I mean...we can build Steve Jobs out of Silicon and we can put a guy on the moon, but we can't make a patch for CS4 PP?

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Very simple, just take the second DVI output from your graphics card.  Buy a DVI to HDMI cable (or adaptor) and set up the second monitor at 1920 x1080 resolution and go to Premiere and select playback to that monitor.  You will need seperate audio output to your HDTV for the sound.  At least that is how you do it on a PC.

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            Edit 1 Media

            Check out the Matrox MXO2 Mini. It has realtime preview out to an HD monitor/TV via HDMI. Plus, if you get the MAX version, you can speed up your H.264 renders.



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              schlossd Level 1

              Unfortunately it does not support Adobe MAC CS4 Premiere.  It will support After Effects and Photoshop CS4 but not Preimere.  This has been my major problem.  Finding a card that will output from Premiere CS4 to an external monitor.  I would use one of the 2 DVI outputs from the MAC but I want to use both screens for editing.  This is insane.  Anyone else out there using CS4 Premiere on a MAC and outputting to an external monitor?  I feel very alone right now.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Who was it that said life was a lot easier (and less expensive) on the PC side?

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Of course you have not told us what Mac you have but evidently it is a desktop.  Now on a PC it is simple to add an additional graphics card for a third and even possibly a fourth monitor.  Since Steve Jobs has adopted the PC hardware architecture and this is simple in a PC, I would guess you could do the same.  And then my suggestion of DVI to HDMI will work.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    Who was it that said life was a lot easier (and less expensive) on the PC side?


                    Probably everyone who doesn't use a Mac.

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                      schlossd Level 1

                      UPDATE:  Blackmagic never created the drivers for CS4 MAC so I sold their card on ebay, and took my kids college fund and purchased a Kona AJA LHi card.  Has HDMI in and out.  AND discovered that if I capture my HDV footage via component vs. firewire I can bring it in as 1920x1080 and bypass Sonys Chip down convert for HDV.  What did I learn from this?  Read all the pissers and moaners on the forums for the product to find out what the real issues are...because Tech Support and Sales sure won't give you the straight skinny!

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                        PC - May be less expensive, but easier...? I'm still battling for a solution - I have 2 monitors so use the two monitor output from my card for them, and I too want to output to my tv via hdmi. (until this thread, I did not realise you could have hdmi In and out  on one display card, so assumed it was an out hdmi that would output to my TV). Anyway It's not working this way and i was also told this card (Nvidia GT220 from Gigabytehas done away with support for firewire unless I reinstall it to an older update that I can't find -  which means I can't go through my old camera via firewire like I did b4. Someone mentioned installing an extra card, would my old card be ok using DVI output to Hdmi? That does not look good to me, but  all I want is to be back in business like I was with pp2 so I'd try anything!

                        (System Intel 5 W7 64 bts 2 monitors).

                        PS: I don't know why I'm a new member now?

                        and I can't see my older post under it unless I find old posts with my user name, now changed!"


                        I justs posted something on the "lounge" in the hope to get some explanations! sorry about the formatting it does not respond to the above formating tools, this bit is copied and pasted from the main text above then highlighted and changed to this!

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          The previous posters are talking about an I/O card which gives you input and output. Video cards are strictly output which means firewire in is not supported on any of them. Firewire output for preview is also not up to the video card but the software and the client device you are outputting to. If you only require 2 monitors/outputs then you can run DVI to HDMI via your video card. If you want a third output then  you either require an I/O card like the Decklink Intensity or MXO2 Mini or another video card which can be somewhat problematic in CS5 but it does work.




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                            JaysonM-Y Level 3

                            I haven't even started saving up for ma baby's college fund. And you're telling me I gotta spend already?!!

                            Still thanks for the info schlossd, I was wondering why I couldn't pull HDV from my sony hdv deck.

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                              Michelmnr Level 1

                              Hi I don't know if this post was directed to the original post or mine. But thanx just the same. I'm still fairly confused with the whole thing. I just realised my display card has nothing to do with my fire wire port of which I seemed to have two of them! One from an old analogue card I bought years ago (Firebird) and another one on its own! I never really realised I had as I only started to use it to capture and convert analogue tapes, then used it to display  my timeline trough my digital camera. I did not pay attention which port I was using as long as it worked! What gets me though is since my last display card I managed to get my firewire .........This thought actually stopped me on the track and I just crawled under my desk and plug my cable into my other firewire port and lo and behold there is a picture on the TV!  - I'll be &*^*^^!@#$!  Anyone for a hdmi cable, and DVI to HDMI ? 

                              Thanx for the brain stimulation!