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    Embedding SWF: Doesn't recognize FP10


      Flash files I embed have faulty plugin detection - it does not recognize FP10 as an upgrade from FP9. This is in the knowledgebase, but it does not suggest a solution.


      "Some websites will ask you to install or update Flash when you already have the Flash 10 plugin installed. This is not a problem with your Mozilla browser or your Flash plugin, but with certain websites that misidentify Flash 10 as Flash 1 due to a faulty detection scheme. Contact the website and ask them to correct the problem or, on Windows, you can try the site in Internet Explorer, since the Flash ActiveX detection may work even though the plugin detection does not."


      As a publisher, how do I correct this problem?


      I have searched several forums for answers to this issue - if there is an existing thread that offers a solution, I apologize in advance. I could not find it.