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    Good AS 2 Book?


      I know some AS2 having taught myself to a certain extent through the internet but I could really do with a good, easy-to-follow yet comprehensive AS2 book. Any recommendations?

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Depends upon what you want to do. But I highly recommend Colin Moock's Essential Actionscript 2.0 if you want to learn classes and stuff and such. And Keith Peter's Making Things Move.


          However I do have to ask why AS2? Actionscript 3 is the way of the future and it is really nice. There are a bunch of things in it that make perfect sense (if you don't know any better) but are so confusing if you have tortured your mind into an AS2 way of thinking. So if you need AS2 for your job that is fine, but I would really advocate working on AS3 as well. And perhaps getting a bit ahead with AS3 and then asking, "<headscratch> Now how would I roll that back to AS2? </headscratch>" Instead of going the other way!

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            BrianStapleton Level 1

            Thanks Rothrock. The reason I was looking for an AS2 book is because I already know quite a bit but need to get to grips with some of the more complex parts of it. I felt it would be better to get a proper grasp of AS2 rather than start a new language from scratch.


            But perhaps you're right. Maybe I should just dive into AS3 now. I see that both of the books you suggested have been updated for AS3, have you used either of these versions?

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              Rothrock Level 5

              I've used both the AS2 and AS3 versions and they are both excellent. They really go into a lot of the "Why" in addition to the "How."


              And unless you have specific requirements for AS2 -- for instance where I work we publish back to Flash 5 and 7 -- then I highly recommend AS3. Of course you have to target at minimum Flash player 9....

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                BrianStapleton Level 1

                Ok, great. I think I'll get started on AS3 instead. Thanks a lot!