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    Compoments to edit small datasets


      Hi all. Feel free to be as basic as you like in replies, I'm new to Flex


      What is the recommended way to add a bunch of data (a dozen rows or so) to a canvas that can support editing of the data?

      I want to be able to edit a part of the data and trigger sending that small bit of data back to the server (via httpservice/JSON).


      Initially I thought a datagrid would be the way forard but it seems the events that define when an edit starts/ends don't seem to behave as I'd expect. Also after editing a piece of data, tab or enter seems to move into the next field to edit triggering events from that field too even if don't actually edit it. These are probably issues I can over come if I understaood datagrids/flex better than I do....


      Tried using TextFields and adding to canvas in a loop, creating a set of fields on each iteration, but I get an error about TextFields not being a UIComponent that can be added to a canvas in the manner I am currently trying to use ( canvas.addChild(..) ).


      I can create a bunch of labels in a loop as per the textField idea, but that isn't much use for what I'm trying to acheive.


      I suspect the datagrid is probably the 'proper' way to do what I'm trying to do, but I can't get my head round what seems to me a confusing array of subties I just don't know enough about.


      Is the datagrid the right way to go?


      Can you recommend me some reading to understand how the datagrid events should be used (it's bound to an ArrayCollection) to edit data?