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    Problem loading video to FLVPlayback

    Darko74 Level 1

      I'm doing the exercises included in the book "ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Classroom in a Book", but I have run into a problem I cannot solve regarding the use of the source property of the FLVPlayback component.


      This is how the folders structure of the project is laid out:


      - Lesson11 >

      - Complete

      - Start >


      - video >



      I have an instance of FLVPlayback in the stage in file lesson11_start.fla

      Following instructions in the exercise, I have to assign the source property of this component the video file listed above by using the component inspector. So I have to click on the magnifying glass in the field which corresponds to the mentioned property, and browse to this video file.


      I can't do that. There is no browse dialog box, just one with a field in which you must enter the path to the video file.


      So what I do is to enter this relative path (I'm using Windows):



      An error like this appears: "NetsStream.Play.StreamNotFound", saying that there is no video file there!

      I also try with absolute paths, with slashes instead of backslashes..., and I just get to get it working if I copy this video file in the same folder in which lesson11_start.fla is, and enter "solution5.f4v".


      Please somebody tell me the reason why paths don't work as expected.

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          MaxManNH Level 2

          One of the reasons that it may not be working as you expect is that when flash is deployed to a webserver the relative path is mapped from the location of the html file it is mapped to and not from where the swf file resides. I don't think this applies to running locally on your machine. Did you try just entering video\yourvideoname.f4v ?