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    Passing parameters from plugin to script

    apruneda Level 1

      I need to pass some parameters from a plugin to a script. I have tried this method:

          PMString engineName("myengine");
          PMString scriptString("C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe InDesign CS4 Debug/Scripts/IterateFolder.jsx");
          IDFile scriptFile;

          PMString value("c:/windows");
          ScriptData param1;

          ScriptIDValuePair argument1(0, param1);
          ScriptRecordData arguments;
          ScriptData result;
          PMString errorString;
          ScriptData scriptFileData(scriptFile);
          int32 errorCode=Utils<IExtendScriptUtils>()->RunScriptInEngine( engineName, scriptFileData, arguments, result, errorString);

      The problem is that I don´t really kwno how can I get the parameter in my script. I suppose it must be something like app.scriptArgs.getValue(), but i don´t really know.