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    design skin with catalyst for flash encore export ?




      How is it possible to redesign and animate default encore export flash skin (flashDVD.swf during video playback) with Catalyst ?

      What are  files we have to change in encore roots folder (xlm,html,swf) to insert new design and interactiv skin during video playback?

      My project is to design my own animated skin for flash export in encore cs4.

      For the moment in encore we only have this skin: flashdvd.swf (see attached file) when we export our project for flash.

      This skin looks like dvd interactive panel, but i would like to add new interactiv button, a way to change loading video position.


      I didn't find any informations about that in encore's documentations and it seems to me an very important creativ part.



      Thanks a lot and sorry for my english,



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Rudo_fr,


          I think this might be a question for the Encore forums. I'm not familiar with Encore. Here's what I can tell you: at the end of the day, Catalyst creates a SWF file (just like Flash Professonal and Flash Builder). If you can then get Encore to use that SWF file as the video player skin, you should be golden. So I would recommend going to the Encore forums and asking: how do I use an arbitrary SWF as my video player skin?



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            rudo_fr Level 1

            Hi Adam,


            thanks for your recommandations.

            I have posted questions about that swf problems on encore forum there is severals weeks, but there are no reactions.

            It is like we are little number of users. incredible.


            Wait and see.