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    How to skin a cat? Or maybe a BoxDivider?

    DaveFastFingers Level 1

      Ok, I'm pretty new to all of this, and learning lots every day I work with it.


      I would simply like to make the dividers on my 3-panel DividedBox "pretty".


      I'm thinking that adding a small tiled bitmap as the divider would be a good approach. But I'd be open to creating a box/canvas component and adding some kind of interesting fill color and maybe programatically adding a few choice lines.


      But, as a newbie, I'm finding this unnervingly tricky.


      I'm not finding any skins (flex or otherwise) that are built for a BoxDivider (plenty for panels, buttons, etc). And it seems complicated to try to build my own (I have read about the process, and can learn it, but I was hoping this would be an easy step).


      I also had some success adding components to the BoxDivider programatically (lots easier than getting a skin to work it seemed, just get each divider object and .addChild() and voila, however they didn't resize nicely). But when I looked at my code it seemed "hoakey" and since I'm learning, I'd rather learn the right way to do things (but maye this is more reasonable than I think, but then again, if this was a planned approach I would expect BoxDivider to decend from Container, and it doesn't, which makes me think I'm not on track with this  one).


      Any thoughts on what approach I should take on this? I'm floundering as I poke my nose down different avenues, afraid that I'm missing some knowledge that makes all of this more simple that it seems.