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    Problem with 720p mp4 import


      I have some source material shot on a Sony T900. These are 720p files in mp4. When I play them in QT or VLC they look very good. When I import them into CS4 I get sections where the video 'blows out': big blocks of the image turn almost white or almost black. Interestingly, it seems that these episodes last for 15 frames.


      I've tried a few different presets (wide screen avi, avchd 720p, hdv 720p30) with the same results.


      I can see the problem both on the timeline and when I export.


      I am wondering if I should convert these clips to AVI (or something) using another program (such as?) first.


      Enlcosed are examples of when it is ok and when it is wacked out.


      Thanks for the help, this is driving me a little crazy.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.

          If you have not applied the latest update to PPro then now would be a good time to do so. It may well correct the problem.

          If not then it may be the quickest solution to convert them.


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            RedGunCraig Level 1

            I already upgraded to 4.1 but that didn't help.   I was hoping there was a solution within CS4 but I will try some conversion program.  I see the STOIK video converter was recommended by some, but, of course, the free version does not support mp4.

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              danimations80 Level 1

              I feel your pain, Craig!


              I too am having MP4 troubles, importing MP4 footage from my Sanyo Xacti HD2000 into Prem. Pro CS4.1. I'm currently trying some transcoding alternatives, and recommend you download Media Coder HDV Edition, and run some tests with the evaluation version.


              Here's the link: http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/solutions/hdv.html


              I'm heading intomy studio now to see the results of some transcoding tests I ran last night... I'll be sure to share the news (good and bad) in this thread if it's of interest to you!


              Good luck!

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                RedGunCraig Level 1

                I have been following your story too.  It is fustrating when you can play the video fine in its original form but not import it and use it in CS4.


                I have been trying Streamclip on my original mp4 files.  First I tried export to AVI with the following results:  They play fine in VLC and Windows but when I import them into Adobe they play real fast for the first 10 seconds then it goes to still frame for the rest of the clip length.  Very odd.  This is true for a variety of settings I tried.


                Then I tried the export to DV.  This works.  The clips import corrrectly and they also do not require rendering in CS4.   But the clips are in 720x480.  This might end up being the way I go but still looking for a better solution.


                This whole thing started when my AVCHD camera was stolen in Vietnam and all I had was the Sony T900 to shoot the video.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  That is the correct way. Converting to DV AVI type2 is the only sensible solution.