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    VBScript CS3 – Relink links to a path which is not on my PC


      Is it possible to relink links to files I don't have on my machine? I can't find any solution…


      In fact, I already wrote a VBScript, which works fine, to relink the links to files on my machine using following lines (found in another post):

                  myLink.Relink myFileSystemObject.GetFile(strFile)


      where strFile = "C:\TEST\Links\" & myLink.


      After working on the documents (only on the text) and before sending the Indesign files back to my customer, I would like to "restore" the original path of the links (something like \\SERVERxyz\Workgroup\...). Before relinking the first time, I saved the path names in a text file and do not have any problems to get this information back.



                  myLink.Relink myFileSystemObject.GetFile("\\SERVERxyz \Workgroup\...\xyz.jpg")


      is not working. I guess, I have to use something else...


      Any ideas?