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    PSD -> Catalyst design integrity not up to snuff?

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      After hearing Ben Forta evangelising Catalyst last night I ran out and grabbed the beta. I expected there to be some roughness around the edges, but I thought at least that the Photoshop to Catalyst import process should be fairly seamless.


      Here's my experience so far. Pictures speak a thousand words, so take a look at these screenshots. This is the same file in Photoshop CS4 and Catalyst. I did a basic "new project from PSD" in Catalyst. All my fonts are turned on (obviously - it looks fine in PS).


      I was able to get consistent results when I chose to keep the vector shapes editable (look at how mangled the bottom progress bar gets when you choose Flatten Vectors) AND chose to Flatten text (notice how otherwise I lose the font completely AND I lose all f/x on the type as well).


      Of course, this makes it dubious that my design will ever make the "round trip" back to Photoshop if there are tweaks.


      The problem here is that this text should be programmatic in many cases. Programmatic and localizable actually. So I'd need these f/x to be converted to Flash parameterised effects. Converting the type to bitmaps is largely unhelpful in this instance.


      Well, just sharing my feedback. I don't think Catalyst is ready for workflow in our shop at any rate, unless the community has similar experiences and workarounds I can look into in the meantime.



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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

          Hi Tom,


          Would you mind sending or posting a copy your Photoshop file? I'd like to see if we hit any unknown bugs when importing it (especially when it comes to the progress bar graphic).


          Some general info to note about importing PS files into Catalyst that may help you preserve integrity of your design:


          As you've noticed, layer effects, styles and adjustment layers need to be "baked" into bitmaps to import with the correct appearance in Catalyst. We currently use a modified version of the same library that Flash Professional uses to import Photoshop files. If you have Flash, try importing your design there and let me know of any glitches in its appearance. Keep in mind Flash flattens all types of art by default. So until you set Image and Shape layers to flatten in the Catalyst import dialog, you may not see a match when comparing the two applications' import results. Flattening either of these layer types on import using the Advanced import dialog will help you determine what can stay live vs. what needs to be baked-in.


          (a bit more of a long story) When Catalyst imports Illustrator files, we're able to use Illustrator CS4 libraries that can natively generate FXG, our XML-based graphics exchange format. So dropshadows and other effects in AI files that Flash Player 10 supports can be preserved on import rather than flattened. When the Photoshop team was working on Photoshop CS4, they only had time to implement very basic support for FXG. So instead of depending on the basics, Catalyst uses the aforementioned Flash Pro library.


          With regard to font handling – there are several known Beta 1 limitations and bugs that may prevent the proper resolution of fonts in your file on import. As I type, we're implementing font embedding and addressing these limitations with new code. Look for much-improved font handling in the next Beta. In one of the screen captures you posted, it looks like you ended up with default font substition. If you post another screen cap or snippet of the code related to any one of those font instances, I'll be able to let you know what's going on.


          Lastly, roundtrip to Photoshop is on the radar for 1.0. In a few weeks, we'll begin to work with the Photoshop team's new CS5 libraries which will contain quite a bit more support for writing FXG. Stay tuned for further progress there. Although Catalyst 1.0 may not be able keep all your design effects live off the batt, but please be assured that we're headed in that direction and working closely with the Photoshop team to make it happen in the future.



          Catalyst QE

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            tomaugerdotcom Level 1

            Eric, this is a very helpful response. Thank you for taking the time. I need a bit to digest this info and to provide you the images you requested. I will stay on top of this thread over the next little while.





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              Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

              Tom – No problem; happy to help and provide any further explanation.