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    .swf with Vector images playing slllooowww


      Good Morning Fellow Developers,


      haha - okay so down to business


      Flash CS4

      published with AS2.0

      Flash Player 10



      The movie is 15FPS, and lasts about 16 seconds total.

      With about 40 Vector images that are constantly, coming into the screen and leaving the screen - and when they're doing that they're also fading in and fading out, and resizing.  so a lot is happening on the screen... then after the 15 images or so are done swirling around, they all come in for the grand finale and this is really where it bogs down... All of them, as I said are vector images published as .swfs from Illustrator (if I tried .ai files or anything else it was tons worse).  The movie just completely bogs down, and goes very very slowly - I'm assuming this has to do with the computer trying to draw all the vector images as they are resizing, fading, and moving - etc...


      The reason my client wants vector images is because of the clarity - Is there anyway to retain the clarity of these resizing images, but reducing the load on the client side so it doesn't slow down??  Any help would be great!




      - Also - while I'm here - I should probably look elsewhere, but anyone know of a quick way to expand my movie say from 16 seconds to 24 seconds? Keeping all the same animations but just slowing it down slightly so it's not so fast without redoing everything?


      K thanks