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    Floating window and Blury backgroun - Help

      I wonder if someone would be so kind to tell me how to code the following effect. For example, the user is browsing a main window, then he/she clicks on a source of information (i.e. text link or picture). As soon as the link is clicked on, a floating window apprears and the main window becomes sort of a blury background. If the user wants to close the floating window, he has to click on the window itself or on an X button.
      I've looking for this type of code, but I have not been so successful in finding it.
      Thanks in advance. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.
      I would have attached a picture showing what exactly I am talking about, but I could not find the option to upload graphics.

      Below, I have included an example of what I am trying to do. Once you get to the Apple website kindly click on the "Watch Video" button. This particular effect is then triggered.
      Click here for an example