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    SWF image won't scale - shouldn't this be simple?

    Brent Lamborn Level 2

      We've got a web service that builds SWF images dynamically and returns them to Flex as a base64 encoded string. I decode the byte array and assign it to the Image using it's .load() method.


      Here is the problem I am having. The SWF won't scale bigger than what it intitially loads. It doesn't seem to matter what I set for width, height, etc. It won't fill up the space it needs to.


      The image control sits inside of a Panel that is a certain width. If I set the width of the Image to 100%, shouldn't it fill the panel 100% and also scale the height to match? I have maintainAspectRatio and scaleContent both equal to true.  For some reason it doesn't fill the full width of the panel. Another thing, say I set the width of the Image to 800 just to see what happens - the Image still will not appear any bigger. It doesn't seem to want to grow any bigger than the size it is when it is intially loaded into the Image component.  It will however grow smaller.


      I hope this is making sense.  Does anyone have any idea why the SWF image won't resize correctly?