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    Noob Question 5: Exporting To VOB?

    Suntower Level 1

      I see all manner of help on how to export to various formats with Media Encoder, but I'm not understanding how to export to a 'real' NSTC DVD? (VOB?)


      I exported to the default AVI with NTSC. I then took that file and converted it to a VOB and burned a DVD with Nero. The results were <ahem> 'not entirely satisfactory'.  Random bursts of colorful 'noise'.


      There's gotta be an easier way (or at least a more reliable way.) Right?


      I am about 96% sure that I'll get some RTFM responses, akin to when I was learning Photoshop years ago and had to be schooled on 'colour spaces'.  Obviously I have no idea what all these various deals with pixel size and media formats are all about. Fine. I'm ready.