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    Noob Question 1: I -Definitely- Need A Book!

    Suntower Level 1



      I'm fairly new to the 'video' world (I've been a music mixer for many years). I've been getting a bit dangerous with Premiere for a few months and I'm hitting some areas that I -know- would be a good fit for AE, but frankly? Me scared.


      AE just seems -too- alien and the tutorials I've seen on-line are for stuff that I either don't care about or is simply too complex for an ADHD noob.


      I tried importing a few Premiere projects and -that- is a disaster. fer sure. Whoever built the 'import' code, needs a refresher course.


      So... can someone recommend an old-school COOKBOOK style -book- on AE? Like a 'AE FOR DUMMIES' (which ain't been written--I checked.)


      I want something I can read in bed and get the -concepts- down with some -simple- projects to explain each basic deal.