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    AS 3.0 - Button Won't Stop Flashing in SWF Preview


      I'm in the process of switching from AS 2.0 to AS 3.0, so apologies if this is really obvious....


      I am modifying/updating an old template for a client and am inserting customized navigation buttons. One is a play/pause button and I was able to swap the old buttons for the new in the library and show them on the stage with no problems. When I export to swf to preview the movie, the new button just flashes repeatedly between the different "play" and "pause" states (up, over, etc).


      I checked to make sure I didn't change any names of the buttons or movie clips.  I tried inserting stop(); but it doesn't work...probably because I'm not putting it in the right spot.  When I select the button, it has "up, over, down, hit" in the Timeline and says the selection can't have any actions applied to it.


      Advice? I hope this is a very simple oversight on my part!


      I am using CS4 and AS 3.0.