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    HTTPService on a Shared Server


      I am learning Gumbo and was wondering if anyone could provide some information on using HTTPService on a Shared Server.

      My app works fine on my local machine but when deployed online on my shared server the request will look to "localhost" which is not applicable on my Shared Server. I have spent hours searching for any info relating to this problem and would greatly appreciate ANY feedback. Thanks in advance for your time...

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          If your app maes use of URLs to localhost, then of course you will need to change those URLs to point to the shared server.


          You may need to compile the app with the -use-network compiler option set to true. In Flex Builder main menu, Project - Properties - Flex Compiler, then add -use-network=true to the "Additional compiler arguments" area.


          Also, your HTTPService must be requesting data from the same server from which the Flex app SWF came from, otherwise you need a crossdomain.xml file set up.


          myDom.myCompany.com is considered a sub-domain of www.myCompany.com, so you would need a crossdomain.xml file set up in that case as well.


          But if both the application SWF and the data request are to www.myCompany.com, you should not need the crossdomain.xml file.


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            prjohnny58 Level 1


            Thank you so much for responding - it really helped!  I did get it to work on my shared server by setting  the "-use-network compiler option" to false.  Evidently, the default setting for -use-network compiler option is true, which, of course, wasn't working.  Also, thanks for the crossdomain file explanations for this situation - these came in handy as I was making the service call to search.twitter.com...