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    Problems with horizontal scrollbar in datagrid

      Hello all.

      I have a function that fit the columns to the size of the data in a datagrid. But my datagrid have a fixed width, so I want to show horizontal scrollbar when it is necessary, and use horizontalScrollBarPolicy="auto" in my component. When total width for all columns is less than datagrid width, all works perfectly, but when total width is greater than, rightmost column width is set automatically at minwidth and its neighbor of the left doesn't enlarge enought, so, the horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear.

      Neverthless, manual stretching works without problems, and scrollbar appears.

      My question is: How can I indicate to datagrid that it can hide columns and that appears to scrollbar when this happens?
      Can anybody give me an advice about this?

      Thanks a lot in advance.

      J Pablo