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    Blending two clips together


      I have two video clips.
      In the first clip I pick up a phone and have it in my hand.
      In the second clip I have the phone in my hand and I put it down.


      I want the two clips to line up so I can play the first clip followed immediately by the second clip. The problem is in the second clicp the phone is being held an additional 2 inches away from the camera. So the end of clip1 is very close to the beginning of clip 2, but still a little bit different and when you play them together there is a noticeable jerk between the two clips. What can I do?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several artistic ways to approach this. They mostly depend on the "timeline" in your script. If any time is to have passed, between the two Clips, I'd do a short Dip-to-Black between them. If the time is very close, then providing Handles (though the In & Out Points of the two Clips) and using a Cross-Dissolve would be a good one. There are some other Transitions that could work too, but I seldom use much besides a Butt-Cut, which you note is an abrupt "jump-cut," Dip-to-Black and Cross-Dissolve. Still, others can help you tell your story. Only experimentation will tell you what "feels" right.


          One thing that you might also wish to do would be to do a J-Cut, or L-Cut with your Audio, so that the Audio from one Clip either plays through the Dip-to-Black (L-Cut for Clip 1 playing, and J-Cut for Clip 2 playing). I'd think about doing one, or the other, for any Transition also. Used properly, there is nothing wrong with the audience being able to hear something that they cannot see yet.


          Good luck,