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    sallyskipundethe bed

      my adobe reader always worked

      now I get "invalid plugin detected"

      I am new at this.iam unaware of any changes to the operation of my computer

      What now?

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          Assuming you are on a Windows OS box, check the folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\plug_ins


          There were other discussions that referenced the *.api files here. I did not have any of the files that those discussions referenced.  So I decied to eliminate the files by date starting with oldest ones. I found one that was dated as of March 2007.  Not sure how it got there but I removed it and things worked fine afterwards.


          Note that you will need to move the files out of the "plug_ins" folder - putting them into a sub-folder does not work.


          Hope this helps.