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    RTF import filter v2.5 error

    Shayne Stewart

      I have just started received this error while trying to paste .doc and .rtf files from Microsoft Word 2003 files to PM 6.5. Of course, this program is no longer supported by Adobe. I have removed and reloaded PM with all filters and still receive this message. It reads "Unrecognized character set - ansi used”, then "Unrecognized token - \ansi" then cannot paste from clipboard.


      Reading through the forum, I don't believe this has been addressed, or perhaps it has. All I got from Adobe support was that I needed to upgrade to InDesign at the tune of $700. I don't know about the rest of you, I enjoy using PM 6.5 and have been for many years and really don't want to switch to InDesign.


      Please help with any ideas or solutions. Thanks!